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Brandon Lipchik Review in Artillery Magazine.
Brandon Lipchik   
Opening Reception:
Brandon Lipchik - Submerge, 2021
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Brandon Lipchik - Richard Heller Gallery

by Shana Nys Dambrot

A new suite of swimming-pool themed paintings by Brandon Lipchik look like everything but what they are. Their physical surface textures are varied from shape to shape, and even more so the range of techniques employed in each image. Their reductive geometrical and planar elements of nature, architecture and anatomy nestle like intersecting passages of stylized abstraction. Their bold graphic quality, foreshortening and forced perspectives suggest a hyper-flat picture plane when in fact each scene inhabits complex depths of pictorial space. While optically informed by the digital condition, and at moments outright presenting as photo-collage, the works are painstakingly hand-built with layers, expert taping and multiple visual languages. Once the puzzle of how he constructs his images is solved, the content which has presented as quirky, jaunty armatures for flourishes of style reveals nuanced, pensive and even melancholic emotional states.

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Artist: Brandon Lipchik, Title: Submerge, 2021 - click for larger image
Brandon Lipchik  Submerge, 2021 
120 x 120 cm  , oil and acrylic on canvas  Sold

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