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John Greenwood in Juxtapoz.
John Greenwood   
Opening Reception:
John Greenwood - Fruits de Mére, 2021
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I've got a massive subconcious: John Greenwood @ Richard Heller Gallery

You know those macro to micro shots that go from the vastness of the universe and end up on a nucleus of a cell, or something like that?! That, with the addition of the elusive time element, is what John Greenwood's paintings are meant to represent. Once we were given this key during the recent virtual studio visit with the artist, these convoluted displays of otherworldly but certainly organic forms earned a whole new meaning.

There are countless benefits of getting an art education and being taught how to paint, use tools, and look at your own and others' work, but one should never forget the impact that teachers and mentors can have. After recently talking with Greenwood ahead of his big US debut with Richard Heller gallery which opens on June 26th, we've learned that he is an example of what happens when one tries to mould another person and its creativity. It was many years ago that one of Greenwood's teachers made a negative remark about his use of color which completely locked the young artist's ability and confidence to work with bright, vivid hues he was feeling affinity towards. This resulted in years of working with subdued tones instead of colors, in an effort to fit in a box that was allegedly existing for him. Luckily, during those years and decades of working "under restrictions" he kept exploring the aspects of paintings he was drawn towards, polishing his technique along the way to supreme extent. And it wasn't until only a few years ago that the artist dared to reach for those shiny, light-infused colors and quite quickly had a big break, with international exhibitions lining up one after the other.

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Artist: John Greenwood, Title: Fruits de Mére, 2021 - click for larger image
John Greenwood  Fruits de Mére, 2021 
12 x 14 Inches  , Oil on linen  Sold

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