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Brandon Lipchik Interview in Juxtapoz Magazine
Brandon Lipchik   
Opening Reception:
Brandon Lipchik - Abduction, 2021
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What We Talk About When We Talk About Swimming: A Conversation with Brandon Lipchik

Swimming pools are an interesting subject to paint. They are both a personal and almost secretive place of discovery, and often they can be a place of community and fun. Brandon Lipchik has captured the essence of swimming in a way that is both unique and spiritual. For his new solo show at Richard Heller Gallery, Inground, Lipchik has taken the pool as a place of personal revelation, those moments of desire that are so engrained in the mind that the openess of water seeps into your psyche.

Evan Pricco: How have you been? I figured I should just start with asking you how the last year has been, how productive you found yourself.
Brandon Lipchik: Thanks for asking! My year has actually been super productive regardless of COVID. My practice as a painter is pretty isolated anyway so it just gave me an excuse to continue to be productive in quarantine. I am sort of quarantined pandemic or not.

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Artist: Brandon Lipchik, Title: Abduction, 2021 - click for larger image
Brandon Lipchik  Abduction, 2021 
90 x 100 cm  , acrylic and oil on canvas  Sold

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