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Oli Epp Review in the L.A. Times
Oli Epp   
Opening Reception:
Oli Epp - Biophobia, 2019
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  Painter-on-the-verge Oli Epp's U.S. solo debut has human folly in full technicolor

April 15, 2019 by David Pagel

Oli Epp, born 1994, may be today's Roy Lichtenstein. Or tomorrow's Ed Ruscha. Or the next day's Philip Guston. Or all of the above. Or maybe none.

At Richard Heller Gallery, the London-based painter's U.S. solo debut, "Contactless," raises big questions about art, life and technology - and then ducks and runs.

If you look at art because you want to find out what other people think, you probably will be frustrated by Epp's crisply delineated pictures of humanoids do: behave like people while getting us to see the folly of our behavior.

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Artist: Oli Epp, Title: Biophobia, 2019 - click for larger image
Oli Epp  Biophobia, 2019 
155 x 155 cm  , oil and acrylic on canvas  Sold

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