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Elephant, Expo Chicago: Gender, RYAN SCHNEIDER
Ryan Schneider   
Opening Reception:
Ryan Schneider - Infinite Man, 2017 Ryan Schneider - Infinite Woman, 2017
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September 14, 2017

Ryan Schneider, Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles

Ryan Schneider's works also explore the ecstatic, depicting the male and female forms in a manner that is undeniably sexual, yet not to the point of perversity. His male and female subjects get the same treatment, often with arched backs, receiving the welcome glow of sun or moonlight in a hyper-lush natural setting. Two works at Expo Chicago (
Infinite Man andInfinite Woman) sit above one another, showing a man and woman reclining in shallow water under a full moon that hangs in a deep green sky. The water ripples away from them and the hills behind them are soaked in a bright pinky red. They appear to be returned to their natural form, away from our cultural ideals of man and woman.

'EXPO Chicago' runs from 13-17 September at the Navy Pier, Chicago.

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Artist: Ryan Schneider, Title: Infinite Woman, 2017 - click for larger image
Ryan Schneider  Infinite Woman, 2017 
17.5 x 22 Inches  , watercolor on paper 

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