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Christian Rex van Minnen   
Opening Reception:
Christian Rex van Minnen - Stone of Helen, 2017
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"Christian Rex van Minnen on Horror, Humour and Light"

Words by Rosalind Duguid

"There's this strange feeling of life being layered; there's a private life where I have a deeper sense of meaning, a spiritual practice, and then this constant, addictive, dopamine drip of social media layered on top." Christian Rex van Minnen's paintings are at once nightmarish and hilarious—grotesque fleshy creatures that look as though they've crawled from the darkest corner of the internet.

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Artist: Christian Rex van Minnen, Title: Stone of Helen, 2017 - click for larger image
Christian Rex van Minnen  Stone of Helen, 2017 
72 x 52 Inches  , Oil on linen  Sold

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