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Berlin Art Link: Vanessa Prager
Vanessa Prager   
Opening Reception:
Vanessa Prager - Installation View: Vanessa Prager, "Ultraviolet"
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Exhibition // 'Ultraviolet' at Richard Heller Gallery: An Interview with Vanessa Prager

Article by Liam Casey in Los Angeles // Thursday, May 18, 2017

Last Thursday, installation was in full swing at Richard Heller Gallery for Vanessa Prager's solo exhibition, 'Ultraviolet'. Prager has made a name for herself as a painter with her portraits that more often resemble colorful and rich topographies of paint, blurring the borders between portraiture and sculpture. In the gallery, works were placed meticulously on the ground, awaiting mounting, as installers etched measurements on the newly constructed dry walls. Beeping sounds, originating from the platform lift, permeated the gallery space, located in Bergamot Station. On one of the pieces, a gently glowing tube of neon circumscribed the canvas, something Prager was experimenting with; "It became interesting to me to just put it on like an outfit, 'here's how I am today, here's how I am in this situation'". Although the atmosphere in the gallery was industrious, Vanessa Prager took the time to speak with us about her work and the upcoming show.

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Artist: Vanessa Prager, Title: Installation View: Vanessa Prager, "Ultraviolet" - click for larger image
Vanessa Prager  Installation View: Vanessa Prager, "Ultraviolet" 

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