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Justin Liam O'Brien Interview in Juxtapoz Magazine
Justin Liam O'Brien   
Opening Reception:
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Justin Liam O'Brien A Freed Style

by Evan Pricco

Through the chaos and divide that America has gone through in 2020, from the minor ups and tragic and enduring lows, moments of clarity emerge. For painter Justin Liam O'Brien, 2020 is a bit of breakthrough through a break-up: leaving his day job behind in 3D modeling to focus solely on his craft in his studio, resulting in a stunning new direction with his show this summer, Dammed By the Rainbow, at GNYP Gallery in Berlin, and his upcoming fall exhibition with Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles. The intimacy in these works, speaking on topics such as Queer identity, isolation, sadness and humor, have begun to evolve as O'Brien becomes more seasoned in his practice. From his early aspirations in video game design, to finding inspiration in the career of David Wojnarowicz, with the world in flux, O'Brien is finding meaning in this new chapter in American painting.

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Artist: Justin Liam O'Brien, Title: Justin Liam O'Brien Portrait - click for larger image
Justin Liam O'Brien  Justin Liam O'Brien Portrait 

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