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Sean Norvet in Juxtapoz Magazine
Sean Norvet   
Opening Reception:
Sean Norvet - The Revenge of Stressman, 2019
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In Conversation with Sean Norvet: From "High On Stress" to "Revenge of the Steersman"

May 6, 2019 by Sasha Bogojev

It's been 2 years since Sean Norvet had his last solo show in Tokyo, and after seeing his smaller works in group shows in the meantime, we were eager to see a full-on elaborate solo exhibition by the LA-based painter. And lucky for us, on May 11th, Richard Heller Gallery will be presenting Arrangements, Norvet's long-awaited solo debut with the gallery.

As fans of his work and the ways he is deconstructing and disrupting his subjects while collaging a wide range of familiar, everyday visuals, we were curious to see what he worked on for this showcase. His concept of patching up characters and surrounding scenes from goods they consume is an original take on the classic figurative painting that results in psychedelic and humorous visuals. After seeing some teasers on his Instagram, we've decided to get in touch with Norvet, have a peek inside of his studio and chat about the new body of work.

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Artist: Sean Norvet, Title: The Revenge of Stressman, 2019 - click for larger image
Sean Norvet  The Revenge of Stressman, 2019 
60 x 72 Inches  , Oil on canvas  Sold

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