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Vanessa Prager featured in It's Nice That.
Vanessa Prager   
Opening Reception:
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   Vanessa Prager on embracing the chaos of life in her work, and collaborating with her sister, Alex Prager

by Billie Muraben, October 1, 2018

Vanessa Prager's paintings depict the female form in various degrees of abstraction. Her busy, tactile, portraits blend form and landscape in a sort-of kaleidoscope of colour and expressive mark-making; showing "the complexity of character, and the years of experience, good or bad, in each portrait", she says. "When I started working with paint, I wanted everything to be great and something akin to perfect, but perfect is an impossible standard and quite unattainable. Somewhere along the way, when life got more wild and messy, so did my painting, and I just kind of embraced it" Vanessa explains. "The layers, imperfections, the smooth glossy parts next to the pokey peaks and the bubbled extra bits, the excessive amount of paint and colours, it all just kind of made sense to me."

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Artist: Vanessa Prager, Title: Untitled - click for larger image
Vanessa Prager  Untitled 
Oil on panel 

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