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Juxtapoz: Interview with Paco Pomet
Paco Pomet   
Opening Reception:
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Viewing the Twilight Zone in black and white, as it was filmed, evokes simultaneous feelings of connection and distance, but you don't just watch. The scenes linger and loop around with a searing shot, just like the paintings of Paco Pomet, who injects a jarring jolt of surprise or color into each seemingly serene image. Neither snack food nor stylized confection, this works like a time-released truth serum. A gash of crimson severs a glorious glacier. A poison pen suffuses a mountain lake. Somber faces engage (or are engaged) in incongruity. Something's been happening, and things just aren't what they appear to be. Educated at the University of Granada with further studies at New York's School of Visual Art, Pomet combines the austere color and time elements of the Spanish cubists and the ironic dreaminess of the Andalusian surrealists. A conversation with the thoughtful artist reveals that, indeed, "You are about to enter another dimension."

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Artist: Paco Pomet, Title: Delusion, 2016 - click for larger image
Paco Pomet  Delusion, 2016 
120 x 160 cm  , Oil on canvas 

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