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Joakim Ojanen: Interview in Juxtapoz
Joakim Ojanen   
Opening Reception:
Joakim Ojanen - "Dog Carrier," 2016
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Swedish artist Joakim Ojanen has created an entire universe packed with a diverse army of endearingly gloomy characters. His own Les Misérables, if you will. Over the past couple of years, these oddballs and their pet companions, sculpted in ceramic and painted in oils, quietly enjoy a pensive sadness while keeping their native cool. The life of these mavericks isn't an exciting one, but they are content—they hang out alone or in squads, occasionally read a book, draw, play, or have a cheeky beer or cigarette. So mundane, yet so lovable, they are cheery monuments to melancholy and its quirky beauty.

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Artist: Joakim Ojanen, Title: "Dog Carrier," 2016 - click for larger image
Joakim Ojanen  "Dog Carrier," 2016 
5 x 15 x 10 Inches  , Ceramic  Sold

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