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Review: Amy Bennett - Art and Cake
Amy Bennett   
Opening Reception:
Amy Bennett - Studio view with town model, 2016
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Amy Bennett: Small Changes Every Day

by Shana Nys Dambrot

Amy Bennett channels Thomas Cole and other Hudson River School painters in her latest exhibition, a series of oil paintings on canvas depicting the gradual transformation of pristine New England-style wilderness into farmland and townships changes she herself inflicted over a four-year period on the 8-foot square 3D miniature model she built in her studio. Out of handmade mountains, verdant forests and sparkling rivers, she cleared crops, roads, and pastures. Over the years, she eventually fabricated and arranged over 450 wooden buildings in 1/500 scale barns, churches, houses, industrial buildings, storefronts, silos, and schools. Her daily pausing to document the progress of this analog game of The Sims comes to resemble a kind of time-lapse of this self-generating fantasy as it was unfolding.


Artist: Amy Bennett, Title: Studio view with town model, 2016 - click for larger image
Amy Bennett  Studio view with town model, 2016 

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