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REVIEW: Ryan Foster - Art Scene, February 2016
Ryan Foster   
January 9, 2016 - February 13, 2016
Opening Reception:
Ryan Foster - Second Chance, Long Time Smoke, 2015
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Art Scene, Vol. 35, No. 5, February, 2016
Continuing and Recommended

By: Jody Zellen

There is something disconcerting about Ryan Foster's paintings. Upon careful viewing, what is seen in the foreground of one painting appears in the mid-ground of the next - a bit out of focus and in the background of the next even further distorted. Foster is a skilled representational painter. What makes the images compelling is his ability to paint in myriad styles in a single painting. The Alabama based artist has perfected the illusion of painting one work that folds into another over and over again. The works allude to the passage of time as well as the dissolution of the object. Foster's subjects are surreal landscapes filled with homeless and disabled characters who pay no attention to that which unfolds around them. In these works the harder one looks, the more one sees. Also on view are small scale intimate gouaches by Oslo based artist Charlie Roberts.


Artist: Ryan Foster, Title: Second Chance, Long Time Smoke, 2015 - click for larger image
Ryan Foster  Second Chance, Long Time Smoke, 2015 
11 x 14 Inches  , Oil on panel 

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